Potato “Skin-less” Potato Salad

With nicer weather on it’s way, this potato salad will be the perfect addition for any barbecue or potluck. Plus it has bacon in it, so who can resist that?! I developed this recipe on accident, purely unintentionally. It was the day after Super Bowl, where my husband wanted a potato skin bar and he made almost a… Continue reading Potato “Skin-less” Potato Salad

Weeknight Dinners

Queen of the Castle Sliders

Growing up in our hometown, there was a White Castle. If anyone is unfamiliar with what White Castle is, it’s a fast food establishment that is known for their slider burgers. Now I know people must like this place, although no one will openly admit it, but folks definitely go there because it has been in business… Continue reading Queen of the Castle Sliders

Weeknight Dinners

That’s Amore, Fredo Pizza Pie

Is it Friday night yet?! Here is another great pizza recipe to help celebrate the end of another work week. As you have read in a few posts back, we did a deep dish pizza, now it is time for a round pizza pie! This recipe is our traditional pie recipe that we have been… Continue reading That’s Amore, Fredo Pizza Pie

Weeknight Dinners

Beef Thai Basil

I love Asian cuisine, if it were up to me, we would have it for dinner every night. While in NY, you can get take-out anywhere, then I moved to Shreveport and it got a little limited, but I was still able to find some decent places. But after we moved to Minot, GOOD Asian… Continue reading Beef Thai Basil


Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Start your morning off right with this great overnight oat recipe. I was inspired by this recipe when a friend from high school, Tiffany posted it on her Instagram page. Now, I am not a breakfast person at all, I either have no time or I just drink a cup of coffee and I am on… Continue reading Cinnamon Overnight Oats


Best Brownies EVER!

I decided to buy actual bakery boxes to mostly deliver any cookie orders or desserts I made that needed to be transported, instead of taking from my stash of mismatched tupperware. I ended up getting a great deal on Amazon, but I had to get 250 boxes! That’s going to be a lot of orders, I… Continue reading Best Brownies EVER!

Weeknight Dinners

Baja Cobb Chicken Salad

When I was pregnant with both my kids, I could not get enough of Smashburger’s Baja Cobb Salad. I would go there for lunch and dinner, sometimes…well most times getting a side order of fried pickles. I know pretty stereotypical. Since I also enjoyed this salad when not pregnant and we don’t have a Smashburger… Continue reading Baja Cobb Chicken Salad