Keep Calm and Eat a Meatball

So there is a little bit of an unofficial meatball debate, do you use the tri-pack that seems to only be available in New York and its surrounding areas or do you improvise? We always made the meatballs with ground pork, veal and beef (tri-pack) but after we moved far away from New York, it became… Continue reading Keep Calm and Eat a Meatball


Fredo’s Red Sauce ~ “Keep an eye on the sauce…”

So it has been a while since my last post, I have been caught up with the move to California and enjoying life out here. So my first post back from my little hiatus, I want it to be a special one! Sunday’s have always been about Italian food growing up. We would either make an… Continue reading Fredo’s Red Sauce ~ “Keep an eye on the sauce…”


Crispy Parmesan Crisps

Hey, hey, hey! I know it had been a while, but things kind of got crazy in the DeVita household. We actually moved from California to Belgium. Yup, you read that right, BELGIUM!!! 🇧🇪 It is absolutely lovely here. We haven’t seen our household goods in almost 2 months, but hotel life really isn’t that… Continue reading Crispy Parmesan Crisps

Weeknight Dinners

Bob’s Famous Meatloaf

The other night my husband requested meatloaf for dinner, I decided to go with a recipe my dad used to make when I was kid. When I was younger, meatloaf was pretty much a weeknight dinner staple in our home. Most likely because my father, who was a stay-at-home dad took much pride in making… Continue reading Bob’s Famous Meatloaf

How To

Clean, Clean, Clean, Cleaning Those Blinds

The last few months have been kind of crazy; a mini deployment, a PCS (move), living in a hotel for almost a month and finally getting settled into our new home in sunny California! One thing I learned was how to deep clean our old house in North Dakota in preparation for the final move-out inspection. I… Continue reading Clean, Clean, Clean, Cleaning Those Blinds

Weeknight Dinners

BBQ Chicken Pizza

My husband was pretty skeptical when I brought up the idea of making bbq chicken pizza for dinner, it was definitely outside the box for us. But surprisingly enough, this is our favorite pizza to make. It really has some great flavor between the tanginess of the barbecue sauce,  sweetness of the red onions and an… Continue reading BBQ Chicken Pizza


The Rainbow Cookie Doughnut

Due to my love affair with the rainbow cookie, over the past few months family and friends have been sending me pictures and videos on the now popular rainbow cookie doughnut. This hybrid doughnut is base off of the colorful old-school Italian dessert, which I grew up enjoying. Since I live out in the middle… Continue reading The Rainbow Cookie Doughnut